#My Glorious Gardens: The Monastery of Saint Gerasimos, Kefalonia.


During our stay in Kefalonia, we would often leave the teens to sleep and go out, just me and Hubbie. One morning, we woke up really early so we decided to take a drive into the hills around where were staying to see the vine yards and also The Monastery of Saint Gerasimos. To get there you must pass a garden with 40 wells!


The church was rebuilt after the earthquake in 1953


We went early on a Sunday so there were very few people there.

Saint Gerasimos lived in the 1500’s and is considered the patron saint of Kefalonia. Many believe that he will protect them from harm and cure their illnesses. Hence, there are many men named Gerasimos after him. The body of Saint Gerasimos is at the monastery. Kefalonians throughout the world still revere and pray to him. In 1953, immediately after a powerful earthquake on the island of Kefalonia destroyed 90% of the island, there were many claimed sightings of Saint Gerasimos throughout the island who is believed to have comforted and tended to the injured trapped inside homes and buildings.

It is a fascinating place and we were lucky to be able to go inside the small church that has been built over the cave where he set up the original monastery and where his relics are kept.


Inside where the relics of Saint Gerasimos are kept. Notice the beautiful frescos on the walls.

There is a hole in the chapel floor to the cave where Gerasimos lived.


Even though we were visiting early, there were still a few people there. Ladies have to cover their arms, legs and heads.



The entrance to the Monastery complex was stunning.


Beautiful Flowers.


The entrance.

The gardens were beautiful and lovingly tended by the nuns.


This tree was planted by Gerasimos himself in the 1520’s (you can just see the 40 wells in the distance)


During his feast day on August 16th, his coffin is moved under this tree.


The nuns keep lots of pots.


The nuns were watering their gardens whilst we were there.


Lovely gardens in the Monastery complex


More terracotta pots.


The view towards the various vineyards in the area.


I have no idea what species of bee or wasp this is but it was jet black! Kefalonia is known for its Thyme tasting Honey which is delicious. We saw some hives on our travels too…


Hives in the distance in the mountains.

This is a Hummingbird Hawk Moth. We weren’t sure what it was at first! I admit I had to Google it!

It’s a beautiful and serene place to visit if you ever go to Kefalonia. We absolutely loved it.


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