#My Glorious Gardens: Painswick Rococo Gardens.

For our Anniversary this year we decided to take a trip to The Painswick Rococo Gardens in Gloucestershire. When we were first married we lived near Painswick in a cute little cottage called Squirrel Cottage so have lovely memories of this area but have never been to the gardens.


Our wedding anniversary visit….


The Painswick Rococo Gardens

The Painswick Rococo Gardens are the only Rococo gardens left that are open to the public. Built in the 1740’s, they were created for the Hyett family to impress and entertain guests. Gardens at that time were in transition from the formal to the more frivolous with the idea that the garden was somewhere to enjoy and hold lavish garden parties. The garden has seen a significant restoration programme since the 1970’s based upon a painting of the original garden from 1748.


One of the fanciful garden building called The Eagle House which had to be totally restored.


One of the gorgeous gothic buildings to explore.

The gardens have a wonderful feeling of tranquility and are such a fabulous place to wander. There was a wedding taking place whilst we were there but it was not busy for a Saturday. It’s a garden to wander around or to take children to as they had a great trail looking for wildlife. There was a brilliant woodland walk and playground which younger children would love. Well behaved dogs are also welcome so next time Dottie is coming!


Duck pond with cute little white ducks.


The large duck pond was full of colourful dragon flies.


Part of the woodland playground

The kitchen garden was amazing and we loved the espalier fruit trees.


Views up towards the white gothic arch.


Espalier fruit trees.


Views across the kitchen garden

There was a delightful Plunge Pool where the water was crystal clear and looked so inviting! It was surrounded by shade loving plants such as large ferns and hostas.


Reflections in the Plunge Pool


The grotto in the shady garden

The large, white gothic arch is the star of the whole garden in my opinion; a photographers dream! It stands at the top of the hill looking down the valley over the garden. It’s certainly dramatic and I loved it!


The gothic, white Arch.


Hubbie looking out across the garden. I love the reflections in the pool.


What a place to spend an anniversary!

 The anniversary maze -how apt!


The Anniversary Maze


The rain was coming!


Painswick Rococo Gardens.

I would definitely go back here again as the heavens opened and our visit was cut short. It’s supposed to be beautiful when all the snowdrops are out In February so I would love to come back then.


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42 thoughts on “#My Glorious Gardens: Painswick Rococo Gardens.

  1. What beautiful photos. I get crazy when I see that much greenery. I’m in Greece right now and everything is straw colored from the excessive heat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh… I LOVE your blog!! Having an old house and garden in the English countryside sounds so romantic…. I’m in Australia, but I’ve always loved the look of the English countryside… I especially like watching shows like Midsomer Murders etc just to see the houses and the greenery. That garden is amazing… what a great anniversary location.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh thank you Linda! I love my house and garden although its a working progress….we have a listed house which means we have to ask permission to do anything and it needs everything doing so I dont blog about that at the moment! We are concentrating on the garden for now as it was so dark and gloomy. Thanks for popping over to my corner of the internet! Where are you from in Australia?

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      • I watch Restoration Man over here too, which is about couples who take on the restoration of listed houses in England. It’s always interesting to see what they are, and aren’t allowed to do! Great show. I’m in Victoria, just near Melbourne in a regional city called Ballarat! Very cold here at the moment as it’s winter and the winds are freezing. I adore beautiful gardens, but have to say I’m not much of a gardener myself…. I very much like to be in a garden though. I even tend to kill indoor plants, although I’ve become better at keeping them alive lately!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Do you know? I have dabbled with gardening in past houses but this is my first proper garden and I absolutely love it! The house will get done but for now, the garden is taking up much of my time. It’s very wet in the uk for August (🤔)And the garden has gone a bit bonkers!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy anniversary. What a beautiful place to visit for your special day. You could mistake these gardens for being somewhere a touch more exotic than here. We love gardens, so this would be something that we would enjoy as a family. So glad you have a lovely time. #DreamTeam xx

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