The Old House Garden Round up: Blight, Mildew, Apples and Enormous Dragonflies!

The round-up this week is tinged with sadness as some of my vegetables are just not doing very well! My outdoor tomatoes had blight so I had to take them all out and burn them. In the same vegetable bed I have pumpkins and they have mildew! I have cut off all the affected leaves but I think it has already spread to the other bed. I think I’m going to hope that I can manage it until the pumpkins are ready to harvest. If any one has any suggestions though? I will burn all the leaves and give the bed a good turning over in the Autumn. I expect I will take out most of the soil in this bed and replace it. Luckily, my large compost bin is full and the compost is ready to put onto the garden. I think both the mildew and blight are due to all the rain yet humid conditions we had in July.


Mildew on the pumpkin leaves that I have removed and burnt.


It has just spread to the other bed -you can just see the splodges of mildew on the leaves.


If the pumpkins can hang on I think they should be ok!

The tomatoes in the Greenhouse have been producing fruit though and the beans have been great. The salad leaves, rhubarb and beetroot all seem fine too and we have some plums, pears and crab apples appearing now on the new fruit trees.

The old apple tree is groaning with Bramley apples! They keep falling down though and giving me a shock; especially when the squirrels are chasing each other through the trees! One apple hit me directly on the head the other day and it hurt! Some of the apples are huge!


Bramley apples on the old apple tree

We had to employ a dry stone waller to repair the wall that fell down. Dottie kept trying to escape so it was a job that needed doing and this was one that we couldn’t do for ourselves. This is the third section of wall that has needed repairing so we are keeping our fingers crossed that this is the last, at least for a number of years anyway!


The dry stone wall has been repaired.

We have enjoyed some calm and sunny weather here in Wiltshire for the past 2 weeks so I have seen lots of insects enjoying the garden. The most spectacular are these huge dragonflies and damselflies that can be all sorts of stunning colours. This one today was a beautiful red and was massive! I believe you tell the difference by looking at their wings; if they are closed at rest they are damselflies and if they are open at rest, they are dragonflies.


Photographing these are very tricky as they don’t settle for long!


One of the beautiful dragonflies here in the Old House Garden.


I have been enjoying the sunshine this weekend and reading in this spot!


Dottie enjoying the Japanese Anemones.




The meadow keeps the insects happy!

We have been busy in the Middle part of the garden. We started this section and I blogged about it


I will be blogging about these changes soon but I will leave you with this teaser….here is Dottie on the soil that we have removed from this part of the garden! It’s taking a while because we are doing it all and it’s very hard work…..I will reveal all soon, I promise!


Dottie trying to admire the view over the back fence!



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31 thoughts on “The Old House Garden Round up: Blight, Mildew, Apples and Enormous Dragonflies!

  1. Before I forget and prompted by your mildew (!) I want to introduce you to June. She is a wonderful Irish girl who found herself living in Lithuania with her husband (he is Lithuanian but they had set off from Ireland through France and Spain to Italy with the intention of finding their perfect place. Lithuania was not a consideration until fate stepped in). They aspire to being entirely self-sufficient and are a good way there and her blog, I have a sneaky feeling might appeal to you and the potential for swapping gardening notes! June is here: Apart from that I just wish you a hearty bon courage … it has been a difficult year and I hope you can salvage much from your toil and that you can eradicate some of the problems for next year. Dry stone walls are a passion of mine (walls in general are which probably says something deeply Freudian but I don’t care to peer in) … yours is a treasure!


    • Thank you Brigid. I will have to learn to live with the mildew as it has spread but the pumpkins seem to be ripening well so I hope to keep the, going for another few weeks when the pumpkins will be ripe. The wall was done by a local man who we know. He also did one of the walls at Chelsea Flower Show this year and yes, he has done a fabulous job. X

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