10 Jobs for the Autumn Garden

The weather went from 26 degrees yesterday here in Wiltshire to a chilly 14 degrees today with lots of rain! It feels Autumnal already so I thought I would share with you some of the jobs that I plan to do in the next few months in the garden.

Here are my top 10 jobs for this busy season.

  1. Collect seeds. Collecting seeds to grow more lovely plants is a great way to save money and still have wonderfully full borders! My favourite seeds that need to be put away and sown in the Spring are; Cosmos, Sweet peas, Sunflowers, Marigolds, Zinnias and Poppies. My favourite seeds that can be sewn straight away as they need the cold weather to activate them are; Foxgloves, Yarrow, and Astrantia.

Collect seeds in Autumn


2. Keep harvesting vegetables and sew some green winter manure plants now. Harvest fruits. Make apple juice from your apples or slice Bramley apples and freeze in bags to be used to make lovely apple crumble or apple pie.


Harvest apples.


3. Rake and feed your lawn. Repair holes with grass seed.

4. Plant Spring bulbs. My favourites that I will planting this Autumn are snow drops, Fritillaria, daffodils and English bluebells.

5. Sort out your pond. Clean out any leaves and put up some netting to collect falling leaves. Amphibians such as frogs and newts will have left the pond to hibernate so this is a good time to do these jobs.


6. Divide perennials and move any plants at this time. I don’t tend to tidy perennials now as I like to leave them for wildlife to feed on.

7. Make new compost bins for leaf litter. This makes a lovely compost.


Leaves make lovely leaf mould that can be used on your plants in the Spring.

8. Clean out water butts and plan any hard landscaping ideas for the winter when plants are dormant.

9. Rake up leaves once a week so that the job doesn’t become too big.


Rake leaves regularly to stop this job getting too huge!

10. Clear out summer bedding, add bone meal and feed to the soil giving it a good digging over before adding Winter bedding plants.

10 Jobs for the Autumn Garden

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39 thoughts on “10 Jobs for the Autumn Garden

  1. what gorgeous photos! I wish I could make use of these tips now, but sadly I have a small patch of grass and some patio! But I’ll remember these posts for when I move somewhere with a bigger garden next year! #Blogcrush

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  3. I need to do lots of these things! How do you store your seeds until the spring? I also love planting spring bulbs now – I always seem to forget that I’ve done so then have a lovely surprise come March!! Thanks so much for hosting #MyGloriousGardens!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Oh gosh – reading this shows me just how little I know about gardening. Raking up the leaves is the only thing that I would have remembered to do on my own. Collecting seeds is a great idea – I always get so annoyed when I lose my plants over winter, but I never thought of doing this. Thanks for your great advice (much-needed by myself!) #dreamteam

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  5. if I ever start getting in to gardening then I will be coming back to this post, so many fab tips” We have just moved and the garden needs a mow and I don’t even know how to deal with that haha xx #blogcrush

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  6. i reckon that here in Mid Wales I have a couple more weeks before this – our season seems so behind. Then it will have to stop raining. I do however love my garden and i love collecting seed heads (I ‘steal’ them from everywhere I go; generally i forget to label them so its all a bit of a surprise but hey ho. and I really must do the pond this year, I didn’t get round to it last year and it shows. Thanks for the list.

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  7. Oh to have a lovely beautiful garden. It does sound like lots of fun and quite therapeutic getting the garden in order. Do you plant spring bulbs now? Haha! That’s how much gardening I do. I quite fancy some gorgeous spring blooms so I wonder perhaps it’s now time to pot some? Our garden is so tiny, but I wonder if I could squeeze some in. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam xx

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  8. Super photos and some excellent reminders for the autumn garden. I love seed saving and have managed to get some lovely wild poppy seeds for (hopefully) a pink and orange ‘meadow’ border next year. Thanks for hosting #mygloriousgardens – I’m pleased to have found it and have linked (and commented!!)

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