Bulbs to plant this Autumn

On a trip to the garden centre or DIY store at this time of year you will find a wide variety of bulbs that can be planted now for a wonderful Spring display. My favourites for planting right now are daffodils, snowdrops, English bluebells, Fritillaria, iris, hyacinths and crocus. You can plant tulips too but I tend to leave these until late October. This is because they can rot in the ground if it is too warm and you want them planted about 4-6 weeks before the ground freezes for winter.


Pink and cream tulips in the old house garden last Spring

How do I plant bulbs?

  • Choose bulbs that are firm to the touch, free from any mould and make sure they are not rotten. I know this sounds common sense but I have bought packs of bulbs before that I didn’t notice were a little mushy! You can also plant bulbs left over from last year that you have stored in a dry place. As long as they are healthy, get them in the ground!
  • Choose you site and clear it of any weeds. You can plant amongst the other plants too to bring added colour in the Spring.
  • Dig according to the depth on your bulb packet. Make sure the hole is wide and deep enough for your bulb.
  • Your bulb needs to be planted ‘nose’ up and with the roots pointing downwards.
  • Replace the soil around the bulb and firm it down.
  • I always water the bulbs too so they can put down roots before the winter.



Snow drops are such a welcome sight in January.

For a natural look, throw a handful of bulbs in your space and plant the bulbs where they land. This is great in larger areas such as woodlands.

My Favourite bulbs are:

For woodland or shaded areas: snowdrops, English bluebells and Fritillaria.

For cottage style planting: iris, daffodils.

For formal planting: globemaster alliums, tulips.

In pots: hyacinths, iris, tulips.

There are some lovely combinations that you can achieve with bulbs and it is so satisfying when they flower in the Spring.


Which combination to choose?

Bulbs to plant this Autumn


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11 thoughts on “Bulbs to plant this Autumn

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  2. I’m not a massive tulip fan, but my partner likes them so got a few ready for this year. I’m hoping my bluebells from last year have spread further. But my main focus this year have been alliums. I’ve got four varieties across the garden, which may well end up being overkill. We’ll see next year. The long wait now to see what I end up with.

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