Finding the lovely in everyday moments.


It’s a word I like and use a lot.

“Lovely,” is defined in the Cambridge dictionary as beautiful, pleasant, enjoyable and kind.

What a lovely word.


Savour lovely moments.

Lovely is what we need to look for in this world and I’ll tell you why. It will make you a happier and more fulfilled person.

1. Savour the Lovely.

Savour each moment that makes you happy. A funny thing your little one did. The kind gesture from a colleague. The text from a partner that make you feel loved. The walk in the woods amongst the trees. Savour these lovely moments however small and seemingly insignificant. Make a point of remembering them. It’s easier to say you’ve had a horrid day when actually there was only one horrid moment. Life is not all happiness. It can’t be but we can savour those lovely moments that make it an overall lovely day.


See the beauty in our everyday surroundings

2. Cherish those lovely people in your life.

This should not be difficult but we sometimes forget that those lovely people in our lives need to be cherished. Those friends and family that have time for you. The ones that ring you when you are sick or meet you for a drink after work. The partner who makes you a cup of tea when you’ve had a hard day. Cherish those people as they are the ones that will make your life more fulfilling. Don’t work extra hard for the boss who doesn’t care about you. Work hard at the relationships that mean the most.


Cherish the people in your life.

3. Find the lovely in you.

Find your inner lovely. When we discover the beauty in the things that we enjoy, we feed our own sense of worth. This brings satisfaction and only then can we be a lovely person. Seeing the positive and savouring it allows us to feel lovely inside. Only then can we share it with others.

4. Share the lovely.

Be kind and kindness will follow. Share the beauty of the world and more eyes will see it. Enjoy the things that are most precious to you and you will share that joy with others. Teach others to be lovely by being lovely yourself.

It’s not always easy but it’s got to be better to see and share the lovely things that are in this world than to only see the negative. I would like to believe this, do you?


Seeing the beauty in things however mundane and ordinary.

Do you agree with me?

What do you find lovely and why?

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts my lovelies…..

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77 thoughts on “Finding the lovely in everyday moments.

  1. This is so warm and, well, lovely! It’s so easy to get bogged down by all the horrible stuff going on in the world which is why it’s important to open your eyes to the good times and the nicer, happier moments in life.


  2. A lovely post. My husband will tell you that one of the things he loved most about me we first met. (and hopefully still does) is my liberal use of the word lovely …. but why wouldn’t I – it IS lovely!

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  3. Lovely post! It’s so easy to get lost in the negatives and ignore the positives. The coast is always my lovely. There is nothing that cannot be solved by a walk on the beach. Perhaps it’s because I was brought up miles from the sea and so it still seems like a treat even though I live close to the coast now! Thanks so much for sharing with us at #TweensTeensBeyond

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  4. This post is like a breath of fresh air! Yes to everything. I love the word lovely 🙂 and completely agree that looking for, and nurturing all that is lovely in our lives just makes us all the more happier. *Now can’t stop smiling. Thanks so much for sharing this with the #DreamTeam xx

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  5. Lovely is just such a lovely word. My husband uses it a lot along with “my love”. You are right Sophie, it is important to remember all things lovely about ourselves and those around us, as well as our surroundings. We could all do with a good dose of positivity and being and enjoying the lovely is a good stepping stone. A truly feel good post. #TweensTeensBeyond

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  6. Thanks for the positivity. ❤
    It's so easy to find things lovely when I can see the world through the eyes of my son. I need to work on applying this view to the other times in my life.

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  7. That’s good advice, to look for the lovely things in life everyday. We get bogged down too easily in work and chores and dull routine. Taking a step back from it all to see the positive side of things is definitely a worthwhile thing #tweensteensbeyond

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  8. What a beautiful post! There will always be negative things around, but it’s your perception that determines your responses and attitudes, and focusing on the beauty and positive aspects of everyday life and the world in general is essential for inner peace. Thank you for your lovely thoughts xxx

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  9. I’m not British and I use lovely all the time. I think I use it too much in comments, but some photos and words are just “lovely”. It’s like a visit to a cozy home with grandma, sitting with a purring kitty, or an encounter with another warm being. If you know what I mean.. .. Lovely. #PoCoLo

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  10. Hi, what a lovely post (I like the word too)!I do try and see the lovely in the small things. Things like hearing the birds tweeting or being greeted by our dogs like I’ve been gone for months a supposed to minutes really make my day. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that it’s all too easy to let one negative thing ruin a whole day of small lovelies…. Popped over from #PoCoLo.


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  11. Such a lovely post and I couldn’t agree more. Every week I write a post about the things that have made me smile that week and no matter how bad I may have thought the week went, once I sit down and focus on those positive moments it turns everything around x

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  12. Brilliant post. It’s funny, I use the word lovely all the time and totally mean it each time. All my online friends are called “lovely”, if I see something I like it’s usually “lovely”. I think you’re so right, we should share lovely things all the time.
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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  13. Yes, yes yes! I knew this would be such a mindful post and I haven’t been disappointed. You have highlighted so many key aspects of mindfulness – savouring and appreciating what is around us, gratitude, self-compassion, kindness to others as well as ourselves – love this! It’s given me a boost reading it. xx #thesatsesh xx

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  14. #thesatsesh I adore this post because its lovely (see what I did there?)
    The graffiti is true also, there are very few things that aren’t beautiful, and perspective is key to this. Seriously, so glad you joined us because #thesatsesh tribe is greater for having you.

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  15. Hi,
    I met you at Suzie’s blog party. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That’s when I write about. I also have blog parties like Suzie. I am actually having one this weekend and would love for you to come.
    I find blogging lovely, I also find my family lovely not in that order of course. I find my friends and my dogs lovely. I really do have a lovely home.
    This was a lovely post. You have a large amount of engaged leaders which of course is lovely.

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