How did this craft teacher and plant lover get more than 100,000 Instagram followers?

I love this! This is a great post.
I’m reblogging this as I absolutely love flat lay pictures. They are so pretty.

Michael Perry - Mr Plant Geek

“What do you think might be on the average person’s list of favourite things? Avocado toast? A phalanx of likes on the facebook? Their cat? Sounds legit. Well it seems that seeping into the subconscious of a truckload of folk right now are… plants. ‘Pffff’ some might say ‘you can stick your cotoneaster down your cropped trouser leg, botany is well dull’. WELL, read on, cos it ain’t…”

Emma Mitchell is a well-known Instagrammer… Although, she is incredibly modest, despite having a following that get her a free Range Rover (probably..) Emma has been sweet enough to guest blog here on the Mr Plant Geek website, and tells us why plants are big right now..

“A couple of years ago my IG (that’s what us wannabe millenials call Instagram) was mostly pictures of our dog wearing fairy wings and an occasional suggestive parsnip from up the farm shop. I teach…

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